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We start with a vision, not a spreadsheet of numbers. We’re rooted in building community, not just construction. We put people first, not just properties or our own legacy. We are Everbright.

Every DayIs A BrightNew Day

We are a privately-held real estate development and investment firm that specializes in residential property. We operate from the perspective of our homeowners, that when they live comfortably, build roots and be part of the community they live in, it creates a world of shared wealth that will benefit all of us today, and for generations to come.

Our Philosophy

The FutureLooks Bright

Our goal is to identify and pursue opportunities in the local marketplace that create value for our investors and homeowners of our properties. Our approach to investment and development includes:


Local Vision

We live and work here, we understand the local real estate landscape and we use our expertise to develop clear vision of opportunities for our investment partners.


True Commitment

Through careful planning and efficient execution we create development that will benefit everyone involved.



Being mindful of our actions and choices and how they impact investors, home buyers and communities. We create values and wealth for all stakeholders.

New DevelopmentsComing Soon

With a focus on creating communities that enriches the lives of those that live in them, we currently have several properties under development.

Coming Soon

Cambie & 35th

Coming Soon

Cambie & 35th

Coming Soon

Garden City Park


Everbright Properties
1720 - 650 West Georgia St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 4N8

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